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ACTIVE In order to expand your business overseas we help you to handle the import and export procedures efficiently. For this purpose, ACTIVE advisors advise you on importing and exporting goods (such as Machines, devices, equipment and supplies) in / to all the countries in the world, with all the assistance to ensure the smooth passage of your goods, also in terms of duties and VAT.
We help you to understand and obtain all the certificates and licenses required for exporting, also considering restrictions on some imports and exports, i.e. in the EU, goods and technology, Machines, devices, equipment and supplies, as well as certain kinds of industrial chemicals and medicines.
We offer advice about the mandatory documents to have to import or export specific goods and services.
In order to assure the process going smoothly internationally we offer your assistance for the customs compliance, also applying on behalf of the business for a license (when it can do so).
We can assist you to manage the preferential origin compliance, to ensure that the items are qualified for EU Preferential Origin.
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