who are supported by ACTIVE?
ACTIVE Coaching Sector supports both large-scale transformation and specialized problem-solving by Consulting and Coaching. We are part of your team—from strategy to implementation.
For who ?
ACTIVE for those looking for training in the meantime, we also offer our popular and very successful ACTIVE Coaching for people who are interested in professional training, skill development and on job training.
Managerial positions
ACTIVE Coaching for People in managerial positions who want to step up to the next level and reach a leadership position in their professional life.
ACTIVE program
ACTIVE program works with professionals on an individual basis through 10 to 20 coaching sessions, with exercises and homework that are customized to their individual needs.
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complete feedback and set up!

After the assessments are administered, we perform a two-hour session with the coachee to give them a complete feedback and set up the goals for the coaching program.
  • ACTIVE Executive Coaching.
  • ACTIVE Leadership courses.
  • ACTIVE Career Planning courses.
  • ACTIVE Project Management courses.
  • ACTIVE 4 Type of Planning Program.
  • ACTIVE Aviation and Airport Management
  • ACTIVE Aviation Management and Economics
  • ACTIVE Maritime Economics and Port Management
  • ACTIVE Factory planning and production management
  • Free trade zone Economics and Border crossing management
ACTIVE Awareness Sessions
At ACTIVE Projects Solutions, we understand how important it is to start a new business or study and cultural journey. Therefore services tailored to meet specific needs of our clients before and after their arrival to the Germany.
ACTIVE Information & Cultural Awareness Sessions
Translation and interpretation services, personal counselling and personal assistance as well as welcoming services incorporating telecommunication packages; Mobile, SIM Card and Internet.
German Language and Pathways Programs
With a strong relationship with leading German pathway provider to university and vocational colleges, ACTIVE counsellors can help guide you through the selection of a German study program or a pathway program catered to direct you to your study goals.
Information & Cultural
after clients arrival to Germany ACTIVE program including introduction to lifestyle, cultural awareness, public transport, banks, location of projects or university.

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